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Midweek rant: Banning smoking on the beaches descends into farce
11th October 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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The foreign community moan and moan that the Thais won’t do anything
to sort out the problem of trash in Thailand.

They blame the Thais for clogging the drains, leaving behind their
polystyrene boxes, treating nature and the beaches like a rubbish bin.

It’s like nothing so much as a sweet paper has even been dropped in the West.

There is of course more than a little truth in all of that.

Then along comes a Thai environmentalist – Jatuporn Burutphat – who
wants to clear up the beaches. He has done a survey that suggests a
major environmental hazard are cigarette butts.

He wants to rid Thailand of the scourge. He wants to clean up the place.

He doesn’t want all those foreigners complaining that the Thais are
doing nothing about being named the sixth worst polluters on the

Sure he knows that plastic bottles and stuff thrown out of boats and
in coastal drains is important too but he has to start somewhere.

He’s being proactive and his efforts, announced yesterday, mean a ban
on smoking on 20 beaches is coming into force.

All well and good.

The trouble is that rather than suggesting that those that break the
law will be fined for littering, they will be prosecuted under damage
to the environment legislation.

This means they could theoretically be jailed or fined 100,000 baht – even both.

The Thais know this is never going to happen but the foreigners are not so sure.

Cue: a massive Thai bashing festival ensues where some suggest that
the move is designed to go after foreigners.

Over the top? – perhaps.

They suggest that unscrupulous people, like some local authorities,
might use the ordnance to extort money from foreign beachgoers.

That’s not unreasonable especially if you have seen “tetsakit”
officers fining foreigners in Bangkok 2,000 baht for dropping a
cigarette butt when they would never have approached a Thai.

And in reality what tourist faced with a huge fine would not part with
a few thousand just to get back to their hotel.

In next to no time the whole issue of filth on the beach has been
almost forgotten.

Jatuporn and his pals didn’t think it through because they don’t think
from a foreigner’s perspective.

The foreigners didn’t really get that using the environment law was
just a short cut, misguided perhaps, but the Thais meant no harm.

Generally, people would be advised not to smoke at first. There would
be signs, places to congregate if you fancied a quick drag. Lots of
smiles and pointing.

Khorp khun khraps and jai yen yens.

Like all things in Thailand there would be compromise and leeway
before the message got across that smokers really are not wanted on
the beaches.

But once again we get a mess.


Planning. Not enough Thai people – especially those in power – think
their actions through.

Those actions are often well intended but fall short of effectiveness
because of poor planning in their implementation and lack of foresight
for the resulting, often negative, consequences.

And this is especially true when changes to laws and regulations
impact foreigners – both residents and tourists who are visiting

If you have lived in the kingdom for a while you kind of get what the
Thais are aiming at.

But I can’t help thinking that some in positions of responsibility
need a bit of cultural training when it comes to matters that impact

Thaivisa could have buried the fact of jail time and 100,000 baht
fines in the stories just as the Thai press did. But why should they?

It’s a fact that those draconian punishments are on the books. Look
what happened to the person feeding the fish.

It’s sad really.

What started off as the good intentions of a man determined to improve
things, ends in this.



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