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BMA Announce Plans to Relocate 2,700km of Communications Cables below Ground
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An announcement was made yesterday by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) that they plan to bury 2,700 kilometres worth of communications cables under roads across the nation’s capital.

The new project is scheduled to run alongside a currently ongoing project being undertaken by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority who are currently relocating power cables below ground.

According to reports a meeting was held yesterday where members from the BMA agreed to hire an advisory company to draw up a plan for the project which they intend to carry out in seven phases over the next five years.


Bidding for the advisory role for the project will begin on February 16.

Once bidding is complete the winning firm will have five months to come up with a plan for the project then phase two will involve the BMA obtaining a joint venture for the project before phase three begins which will see bids for construction open.

Currently BMA officials plan for the work to bury the cables to begin in year 2 of the project.

BMA officials stated that there are currently a total of 5.097 roads and smaller sois in the capital with a total distance of 3,515 kilometres, it was not made clear which of the roads would not be included in the project to relocate communications cables below ground.

Source :The Nation

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