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5 signs you need to move to Thailand
16th August 2018 Posted by Tia No comments
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Imagine waking up most days to sunshine, maybe your plan for the day will involve a walk to the beach or what about a weekend break to Bangkok or one of the islands on Thailand? This can all be yours, you just need to find the courage to make the decision to move there. All to often we find sanctuary in not taking a risk by making excuses for not doing something.

OK, it isn’t quite that simple, but it can be if you get the plan right. There are many pull factors for coming to Thailand, but interestingly I suspect for many there are also push factors for why you should be leaving your domestic country too.

Here are my 5 push factors that could be just the reason for you to up sticks and try and make a life in Thailand.

1. Unhappy in your work

You spend 80% of your life working in full time employment, maybe you have a repetitive job or a long commute each day. It is getting you down but you need the money. What can you do? So you are left stuck and consigned to defeat. Is this really how you want to live out your life? Imagine your children taking the same approach to life, how would that make you feel? Desperately sad I would imagine.

Take some control here and explore options. You do after all get only one life, so what is the point in living one unhappy in work?

I had a job in the UK, and I am going back over 12 years now, where I was making about £65k a year / US$85k, I had a good career laid out in front of me, I was only 29 years old and in demand. Now I actually liked my job, sure it came with stress, but I enjoyed the challenge. However, I wanted more from my life. Even on that salary I quit the UK and came to Thailand – without a plan. I never looked back.

2. You are a Retiree and nobody wants you

Lonely Senior Man

As we get older it becomes a crying shame that we seemingly become less and less desired by society, we no longer serve a purpose for others. In work you have a status and value to others, but when that goes you become redundant in more than just one way.
Retirees still have so much to offer others from years of wisdom to excellent conversation, but who to share it with when the world moves on without you? Many retirees still get the pleasure of a close family unit and find activity in their domestic country to feel fulfilled, but many unfortunately fall by the wayside – if this is you, don’t stand for it and consider relocating to Thailand.

In Thailand you can meet like minded retirees to enjoy a game of golf with and share great memories. Plus if you are widowed or single, the relative ease of meeting a Thai lady means you can find a companion to share your golden years with. What is so wrong with that? In fact, it sounds rather pleasant.


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