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Winter Skin Worries? These Tips Can Help
18th December 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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Your appearance can be affected by the change of seasons, especially come wintertime. But there are things you can do to fend off the negative effects of cold weather.

The weather has taken a turn in parts of the world, and snow has already graced us with its presence in many places. With the change of seasons, our appearance can be affected and not necessarily in a good way. One of the biggest concerns with the chilly weather is our skin. When we walk outside into the cold weather and feel that instant stinging on our faces, it’s time to kick our skin care habits up a notch.

In the pursuit of healthy skin, we need to be just as concerned with what’s going on inside our homes as outside. Whenever we are exposed to a combination of colder temperatures and reduced humidity, our skin can suffer. The result can be skin that’s dry, itchy, uncomfortable and sensitive to temperature extremes. Dry air can also lead to tiny cracks on the surface of the skin. Cracks in our skin can act as entry points for impurities, which can be painful and unsightly.

When the dry indoor air depletes our moisture, we are also prone to giving and receiving electric shocks. That static electricity can also cause our hair to be uncontrollable and stand on end. And the static cling of a skirt on the legs can be totally annoying.

Here are a few tips to survive the elements both indoors and out:
Avoid Long Showers and Baths

Nothing feels better on a cold day then a long, steamy, hot bath. But long exposure to hot water can further dehydrate your skin by stripping the oils from the surface. So, keep them short and on the cooler side, if possible. Use only moisturizing bubble baths, soaps or shower gels, preferably those containing moisturizing ingredients like Aloe vera.

Top Tip: Don’t rub your skin dry—pat it down with a soft, fluffy towel. Rubbing your skin can be too harsh and lead to flaky skin on the surface.


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