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Tips and Recipes for a Healthy Dinner Party
12th July 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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Most of us living in Thailand have some interests or concerns over health and fitness issues, so Inspire will each week share some of the most relevant articles for you

Need recipe ideas for a healthy dinner party? Try this scrumptious and healthy feast, and your guests will be dazzled by your cooking skills.

Healthy Dinner Party Menu
– Raw vegetables with garlic-white bean hummus
– Mixed green salad with fresh herbs, fennel, orange and citrus vinaigrette
– Braised Chicken and Vegetables with White Wine
– Fresh Berries with Balsamic Glaze and Maple-Almond Yogurt


Serving healthy foods at a dinner party is not something my grandmother (or anyone else in the 1960’s, for that matter) would have done. Back then, rich, heavy meals were a dinner party staple, and guests were pampered with an overload of creamy, fatty “special occasion” foods.

I know this because I inherited my grandmother’s recipe box, which provides a real glimpse into the past. Tucked inside (along with 16 recipes for cheesecake) were several menus and shopping lists for dinner parties, for which she was famous. The meals were heavy on meat, starch, butter and cream—and her shopping list always included cigarettes. How times have changed.

Whenever I host a dinner party, I find that guests really do appreciate the light, fresh, healthy fare that I like to serve. And they do leave the table feeling special, but not stuffed.

The time and effort that you devote to preparing a meal for friends is a gift in itself. And what better gift than a meal that’s both delicious and healthy?

Tips for Healthy, Special Dinner Parties

The food you serve is, of course, the highlight of your healthy dinner party. Here are some tips for making your healthy dinner party meals feel extra special.

Colorful foods

Dishes with an array of colors look particularly attractive and special, so include plenty of healthy, colorful fruits and vegetables in your meal. I like to start off with salads, because there’s such an array of greens and fruits that you can include. Simple soups like a carrot or broccoli purée also make a colorful start to your meal. I generally end with a fruit-based dessert. Even something as simple as a mixed fruit salad can be dazzling.


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