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Tips to Get Kids Excited About Exercise
11th September 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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Most of us living in Thailand have some interests or concerns over health and fitness issues, so Inspire will each week share some of the most relevant articles for you

Here are some ways to help create a healthy, active lifestyle for children.

A child’s external appearance may not always be a true indication of what’s happening on the inside of their body. They can be skinny on the outside with a high internal body fat percentage, so appearance isn’t an effective gauge. Even if weight is not a problem for your child, you still shouldn’t let them consume a ton of junk food and sit around all day. It’s important to understand that children need regular physical activity in their lives.

The American Heart Association states that an increased level of physical activity for children can lead to a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life. This reason alone should be enough to inspire you to help your child get up off the couch and start moving. So, here are even more reasons why physical activity is good for them:

Physical activity can help children to:
- Control body weight and body composition
- Reduce blood pressure
- Reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes
- Improve psychological well-being
- Improve self-confidence
- Improve self-esteem


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