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After-Meal Bloating: Quick Tips to Deflate Your Belly
07th July 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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What you’re eating and how you’re eating it can sometimes cause bloating and the feeling of being puffed up. Here are some common causes for that puffy belly feeling and what can you do about it.

Ever had this happen to you? You finish eating a meal and all of a sudden—you can practically watch it happen—your belly seems to almost double in size. It’s not that you’ve eaten too much; it’s more like your belly has suddenly been pumped full of air like a balloon. Your tummy presses against your belt or your waistband, and you grow more and more uncomfortable. Finally, you just have to give in. You loosen your belt, unzip your pants or rearrange the elastic on your underwear—since your bloating belly is becoming more uncomfortable by the minute.

Common Causes of Abdominal Bloating

When you get that ‘puffed up’ belly feeling, it’s often the result of air that gets trapped in your digestive tract. But that extra air can come from a surprising number of sources. Often, it’s simply a matter of swallowing excess air while you’re eating. This can happen if you eat too quickly, drink liquids through a straw or talk while you’re chewing. And if your meal includes carbonated beverages, even sparkling water, you’re chugging down not just liquid, but air, too.


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