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Get Beautiful in Half the Time with These Tips
08th January 2018 Posted by Tia No comments
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Most of us living in Thailand have some interests or concerns over health and fitness issues, so Inspire will each week share some of the most relevant articles for you

Get to work on time with these top time-saving beauty tips.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re out of time in the morning, things just seem to fall apart? You’re out of toothpaste, you can’t keep a bar of soap in your hand, your mascara has disappeared, you can only find one shoe and everything in your closet needs ironing. I think we’ve probably all headed for the door with bedhead, no makeup and clothes that look like they just came out of the hamper. Is this truly necessary? No. Here are a few simple tricks that you can follow to maximize the time you have in the morning and leave the house looking your best.

Be Prepared
Do as much as you can the night before to ease into the morning rush. Get your shower or bath out of the way, apply your body lotion and maybe even mist yourself with a bit of fragrance before bed. And think about what you might wear. If your clothing needs ironing, spend the extra few minutes taking care of it.

Take a Minimalist Approach with Your Hair
If you don’t have time to wash and style your hair in the morning, use quick fixes. A ponytail, braid or even a hat can work on most days. If your bangs or roots are the problem, section them off and do a quick shampoo and rinse in your sink. Then grab your round brush and blow dryer and you’re good to go in just a few minutes. By freshening up your bangs or just the front pieces of your hair at the crown, you can turn your bed head into a stylish do in no time. If you find yourself in a real pinch for time, grab some dry shampoo and spray those roots. It’ll help absorb the excess oils and give your hair a bit more volume.


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