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5 Forgotten Foods You Should Eat More Often
19th May 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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Most of us living in Thailand have some interests or concerns over health and fitness issues, so Inspire will each week share some of the most relevant articles for you

There are plenty of healthy foods that don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are five forgotten foods that deserve another look.

Why are some foods popular and others aren’t? I’m not talking about foods that taste better than others, or are more fun to eat—I get that. But I do wonder why certain foods are trendy, while others just aren’t eaten all that much. It’s hard to find a restaurant in Los Angeles these days that doesn’t feature kale salad. Not that there’s anything wrong with that—kale salad is delicious, and kale is jam-packed with nutrients. But why is it that certain foods gain superstar status while other forgotten foods—equally healthy and equally delicious—get the short shrift?

There’s no question that food trends come and go (oat bran, anyone?). It’s just a matter of time before our current enthusiasm for kale and quinoa starts to wane. I can’t say what the next trend will be, but I think it’s time to give a few under-appreciated foods their due. Here are five not-so-popular foods that are worthy of your attention.

5 forgotten foods that deserve more attention

While quinoa seems to be the grain that’s getting all the attention these days, millet has its own nutrition virtues yet it’s sadly overlooked.

A cup of cooked millet offers up more than 6 grams of protein, nearly 3 grams of fiber, about a quarter of your daily magnesium needs and it’s also a good source of thiamin, niacin and zinc.

Like quinoa, millet is technically a seed, but it’s cooked and eaten like a grain. It cooks just as quickly—in about 15 minutes or so—and has a deliciously sweet, nutty flavor. Oh, and did I mention that it’s gluten-free?


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