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23 Low-Alcohol Drinks To Order Instead Of Hard Liquor
17th May 2017 Posted by Tia No comments
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Most of us living in Thailand have some interests or concerns over health and fitness issues, so Inspire will each week share some of the most relevant articles for you

Hard liquor can be a lotta fun. But it can be good to have a little break sometimes.

If you want to ease off the booze, but don’t want to go teetotal for the night, low-ABV drinks are your guy.

Vermouth, sherry, port and beer cocktails are your new low-ABV BFFs.

Plus fun fact: Rather than doing Dry January, it’s much better to just try to lower your overall alcohol in-take in general. So subbing in a few low-ABV options for your regular drinks can be a healthier *lifestyle* choice than just going cold turkey for a set period of time!

We asked a bunch of bartenders and industry experts for their best low-ABV drinks to get started on.

Sophisticated, tasty, exciting drinks, with a low enough ABV to leave you feeling great both during the night and the morning after.

Here’s what they suggested.

1. An Americano.


“This drink is just equal parts amaro and sweet vermouth, built over ice and topped with soda. It’s like a Negroni with soda to make it even more refreshing; the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Plus, with this aperitivo, you can drink it before dinner and still be able to make good conversation afterwards.”
– Barry Oattes, owner of Kelvingrove Cafe, Glasgow

2. A spiked Arnold Palmer.


“At Soul Store West, we make a delicious Arnie Palmer spiked with sherry, called the “Long John Daly Cooler”. It’s half earl grey and half lemonade, with sherry, lemon and maple syrup added – the dry fruit notes and hints of wood in the sherry make it a great alternative to rum. Order it at your local bar, or it’s easy to make at home as well.”
– Aaron Chick, bar manager at Soul Store West, London


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